Please join Lizzie + Jon from August 1-3, 2019 as we celebrate our wedding in Lake Tahoe



Lizzie’s Story

Lizzie was born in San Francisco a month before her due date, kicking off a lifetime of arriving to everything early. She grew up an avid soccer goalie, skier, and clarinetist. Now, she still loves skiing, but has traded the other loves for hiking, wine, reading, and Jon.


Jon’s Story

Jon hails from Portland, Oregon, where he spent his younger years tinkering with electronics, hiking, camping, and torturing his younger siblings. Jon moved to the Bay Area after seven years in NYC. Though he misses the pizza and bagels dearly, he takes solace in outdoor adventures in the sunshine with Lizzie.


Lizzie + Jon

Lizzie found Jon in her email spam in May 2015. She discovered a hidden folder of unread OKCupid messages: she clicked on the first message, written by a tall gentleman with a penchant for hiking. They had their first date at a wine bar (duh) in San Francisco, and the rest is history!